Claudia Dominguez was born in Mexico City and moved to the United States at the age of 19. She published her debut graphic novel More than Money in 2018. The novel deals with the kidnapping of her father, how it affected her family and the repercussions these crimes have on Mexican society. Dominguez addresses the family’s migration to the United States as both a family matter and as part of a larger context. Her novel is the first publication of Amatl Comics, an imprint of SDSU press, and it can be found at Amazon.com. The author regularly gives talks about the themes in her novelat colleges and other events.

Dominguez is currently working on her second graphic novel. This feminist saga questions societal norms and addresses the question of how to compel women not to comply, individually and en-masse, with the oppressive roles that society forces upon them. It draws inspiration from anarchic stories like fight club and feminist academic writings.

Claudia Dominguez is also an accomplished classically trained painter.